Anxiety Dreads A Smiling Face

Anxiety eats away your flesh
It bores into your bones
Don’t let it get to your head
Cast it away with stones

It is not a simple task
Be patient and be steady
Anxiety is full of surprises
With your arsenal be ready

Chip away at it steady
Don’t let it grow an inch
Anxiety dreads a smiling face
Victory is yours to clinch

Gift yourself some motivation
Have your friends and family close
Blow away all your worries
Blow it out of your nose

Gaze at the stars and the trees
Smell the dainty flowers
Hear the children running screaming
Feel all of nature’s powers

The more you start to enjoy life
Newer ways you will find
To banish ill thoughts from your head
And anxiety from your mind

Then one day when you wake up
Your head will feel very light
Anxiety would have packed her bags
And left in the dead of night

17 thoughts on “Anxiety Dreads A Smiling Face

  1. This is so apt. Right now I am dealing with someone who is undergoing such a situation – call it anxiety or depression or panic attacks and I am seeing a different personality all together. Each word you have written strikes a chord.

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