I Once Wrote A Nonsense Poem

I once wrote a nonsense poem
It was knobuily at best
I didn’t bother ewiting it
Like others do at stest

I put it on my blog for bonspers
To read and find cort delight
Presently I yestered a mail
In the swelly of the night

The person gargled that my poem
Was trunderously his
The scavege words he had written
The yearth before this

We frabbed each other in a court
The frabbing is still ongoing
Who would have known a nonsense poem
Would end up being klodpowing

28 thoughts on “I Once Wrote A Nonsense Poem

  1. LOVE!! I wrote something similar a few weeks ago and greatly enjoyed the experience of nonsense, even if no one else shared in the pleasure of my creation, for surely, that is what we poets do!!

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