Today’s My Day

Today’s my day, my day, my day
All the fools come out to play
Come together
My friends will gather
And waste the whole day away

Today my joy, my joy, my joy
Will be shared by each girl and boy
Invent new tricks
Give us some kicks
So many ways for us to enjoy

Today’s my turn, my turn, my turn
A chance for me to earn
Smiles on faces
Visit new places
Fling away all of my concerns

Today I will I will I will
Dance, jump but stay not still
Without any bother
Joke one another
Wouldn’t it be a massive thrill?

Tomorrow again, again and again
Yes tomorrow once again
We’ll disappear
For a year
Till this day is back again

9 thoughts on “Today’s My Day

      1. Always welcome 😁 I really enjoy reading what you write although I don’t appear much in the comments but I REALLY enjoy it! 😊✨️

        Liked by 1 person

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