Raconteurs #10

Daughter: Tell me, Dad. If Okto is the supreme being and everything is his will then why is there evil in this world.

Dad: Evil is necessary so that people can see the good. Without darkness there can be no light.

Daughter: No, Dad. I am serious. If someone steals or lies or cheats or kills then is he responsible? Or is it Okto’s will?

Dad: Okto cannot be held responsible for evil deeds. Humans have a tendency to be evil.

Daughter: Why did Okto create us this way? Surely he could have created an ideal world with ideal beings.

Dad: We do not have the right to decide whether this world is ideal or not. We may not see this as ideal but it may actually be so.

Daughter: Really, Dad? Do you really think so?

Dad: Who are we to question this great universe and its creator?

Daughter: But if you don’t ask you will never know. You limit your own potential by accepting your beliefs as truths.

Dad: Okto surely created you very differently.

Daughter: Oh! How come I never thought of that before?

Dad: Of what?

Daughter: If Okto created me then I wouldn’t be questioning Okto and his ways. How can Okto create someone who would question him? Moreover there are others who don’t even believe in Okto. Surely Okto could not have created them either. That means Okto is not the supreme being. Dad! Dad! I have found the truth. I feel enlightened!

Dad: Hate to ruin your moment but I think you have to go to bed now.

Daughter: I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight.

Dad: It never takes you more than two minutes to fall asleep once I have tucked you in.

(To be continued)


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