Raconteurs #9

Daughter: So reincarnation is true?

Dad: Yes it is true.

Daughter: So we are all made up of souls?

Dad: Yes, we all have souls.

Daughter: That’s amazing. I have so many questions. Does each person have a unique soul?

Dad: Unique it is.

Daughter: So for a population of seven billion humans there would be seven billion souls?

Dad: Right you are.

Daughter: And when the population was say three billion there were three billion souls?

Dad: That sounds right.

Daughter: So who created these extra four billion souls?

Dad: Souls cannot be created or destroyed. They have always been around and always will be.

Daughter: So these extra souls were always there? They were just waiting for humans to populate so that they can get a body to live in? And by that logic there should still be plenty of souls out there waiting for a body.

Dad: Right you are.

Daughter: Do they fight? I mean, when a human is born how is it determined which soul will take over? Do they fight it out? Do they play some games? Is there some sequence?

Dad: Okto determines everything. Nothing can happen without Okto’s will. He is the supreme being.

Daughter: Does Okto have staff to take care of everything?

Dad: Okto doesn’t need help of anyone. He is omnipotent.

Daughter: Can I become omnipotent too? Can any human become omnipotent?

Dad: Humans are mortal beings. We can never be flawless.

Daughter: I can become flawless if I try.

Dad: Yes you can. But not before you have a good night’s sleep.

(To be continued)

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