Raconteurs #11

Daughter: Dad! Dad! I heard another story today at school.

Dad: About how the world came into existence?

Daughter: Yes! It goes like this. There was once an almighty being: Zyx.

Dad: There always is

Daughter: Shush, Dad. He had lots of sons and they were all blessed with special powers. Zyx created a simulated world for his entertainment but it wasn’t entertaining enough. So he asked each of his sons to suggest an improvement. His sons, however, were not interested. Seeing their reactions he offered a special power to the one who would come up with the best suggestion.

Dad: How many sons did he have? And didn’t he have any daughters? And what kind of a name is Zyx?

Daughter: Shush, Dad. I don’t know all that. Let me complete the story first. So his sons came up with lots of ideas to improve the simulated world. For instance, Zyx had a son named Fire who suggested that the world should have volcanoes, candles, flames and sparks. Then there was Water who suggested that the world should have seas, pools, rivers and oceans.

Dad: Then there was Grass who suggested that the world should have plants and shrubs and trees.

Daughter: And flowers too! Have you heard this story? Do you know who won?

Dad: Go on! Go on! I haven’t heard this one.

Daughter: Then there was Light who suggested that there should be stars. Earth suggested soil and mud. And they all came up with lots of wonderful ideas. Zyx liked them all and said that he would incorporate all these ideas in his simulated world.

Dad: So everyone was the winner?

Daughter: No, no. I totally forgot. When all sons had suggested their improvements the youngest son stepped up to provide his idea.

Dad: What was his name?

Daughter: Chaos!

Dad: Chaos? What did he suggest?

Daughter: He said that all the ideas suggested were very impressive but a little bit of disorder and confusion was missing. Once that would be added to the world then the world will become a very entertaining game.

Dad: And he won the contest?

Daughter: Yes he did! And that’s why our world is so chaotic despite all the wonderful elements in it.

Dad: And what special power did he get?

Daughter: He can play with the world as he pleases.

(To be continued)

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