Raconteurs #8

Daughter: How does Okto know whether we are good or bad? Does he keep an eye on everyone?

Dad: Yes, most definitely. Do you see a great ball of fire outside your window?

Daughter: The sun?

Dad: That’s Okto’s eye. He can see every corner of this planet with it. No person’s bad deeds go unnoticed. Okto sees them all.

Daughter: Is that why people do bad things at night?

Dad: That is just a myth. What people don’t know is that Okto can see us at night as well.

Daughter: But the sun is not there at night.

Dad: That is when he uses his second eye.

Daughter: The moon?

Dad: Right you are. So Okto can see us at night as well as during the day.

Daughter: Wow! Now I know what the sun and moon are all about! But Dad, sometimes I don’t see the sun or the moon in the sky. How does Okto watches us then?

Dad: Um… uh… It is not visible to you but Okto is always there.

Daughter: If Okto sees me doing something bad will he punish me instantly?

Dad: Sooner or later Okto will.

Daughter: What about those little children who are born with diseases? What wrong have they done to be punished like that?

Dad: Um… uh… well it is a punishment for some evil deeds of their past lives.

Daughter: So reincarnation is true?

Dad: Yes, yes, very much.

Daughter: So why didn’t Okto punish them then? It sounds very evil of Okto to give them life and then make them suffer.

Dad: What Okto does is always right. It is all part of a bigger plan. Who are we to question Okto’s ways.

Daughter: What’s the bigger plan, Dad?

Dad: Ah, that nobody knows. Nobody knows at all.

(To be continued)

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