The Law Of Non-Conservation Of Hatred

Hatred, unlike energy, can be destroyed

When you hurt someone you are trying to get rid of the hatred within you by passing it on to the victim
Hatred need not be transformed from one form to another

When you bully a junior because you were bullied as a junior
When you kick your wife because you are biologically stronger
When you post a racist comment against a footballer because he missed a penalty
When you hit your child because you were beaten as a child
When you humble your maid because she can’t humble you back
You are revealing the hatred within you
Hatred need not be transferred from one human to another

That hatred or sadness or despair or negativity or anger or frustration is within you and is looking for a way out
Every time you mock, insult, humiliate, demean, disrespect, offend, abuse, wound, spite, harm, damage, ridicule or mistreat someone you are simply shifting your hatred

Respect your junior, love your spouse and child, appreciate the footballer, be kind to your maid
Destroy the hatred, don’t pass it on
The total hatred of an isolated system need not be constant


8 thoughts on “The Law Of Non-Conservation Of Hatred

  1. The way I was raised we don’t even use the word hate in reference to other people. I say loathe instead. Hate is a very strong word. Of course it’s a real part of many people. I don’t know how they live like that.

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