Sara – Part 2/13

Dear Diary,

Today, Kai gave me a rose. This is the first time he gave me something and I am so happy because it is a yellow rose. He remembers that it is my favourite colour. I should ask him to show me his garden someday. Actually I have asked him a few times but he is always busy studying and I don’t want to disturb him in his studies. He has been struggling with his grades lately. I’ll tell you a little secret – he doesn’t understand Maths. And he struggles in Science and History too. Actually, he has never been good at studies. But that is alright because I get to help him with his homework that way.

Mom and Dad kept asking me why I was smiling while having dinner. They thought that I enjoyed the meal a lot but I did not even notice what I was eating. I was so excited to tell you about Rose that I finished my dinner quickly and ran upstairs. I still have to do my own homework but I can always stay up and complete it. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight anyway.

I thought I would dedicate a poem to him. So I went through hundreds of poems online but I couldn’t decide on one. And then it struck me. I think that I should write a poem myself. That would make him so happy. So tonight I will write a poem for him first and then I will do my homework. This is so exciting. I have already thought of a few lines.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am so lucky
To have you

What do you say? No? Yeah I think I can do better. And roses are not always red… lol

Anyway, I will work on it and let you know when I am done. Good night, Diary.


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