Sara – Part 1/13

Sara was riding her bicycle at a lightning speed. She could feel her heart beating but not in a pleasant way.

(Thump thump)

The paucity of streetlights did not hinder her as she was well accustomed to this path. She had even dreamt this journey with fondness on several occasions

(Thump thump)

She just didn’t want to keep him waiting. It would make her look uncool and it might upset him. She would never want him upset at her

(Thump thump)
(Thump thump)

“Did you have to wait a long time for me?” Sara asked as she brought her bicycle to a halt. “It took up a lot of time to solve the fourth problem.”

“Well at least you were able to solve it,” Kai replied. “I would not be able to get past the first problem. Maths is not for me. You’re sweating a lot. Did you ride it like a rocket?”

“Tangy is a good boy.” Sara said as she patted her bicycle.

She handed over his homework to him and today he thanked her with a rose.

“I thought you might like it,” Kai said rather sheepishly.

Sara’s cheeks went red, “Like it? I love it. It’s so big and beautiful. And it is yellow – my favourite colour. Did you pick it from your garden?”

Kai nodded.

Sara continued blushing, “I am going to call it Rose,” and placed the flower carefully on Tangy’s pannier. “I say it looks perfect there.”

“It does,” Kai smiled. “Alright then, see you in class tomorrow.”

“Yes. See you tomorrow. Bye. Thanks again for this.”

“Don’t ride Tangy too fast. Be careful. It’s quite dark.”

Sara rode back home with her eyes hardly on the road. She was dreaming. Poor Sara!

(Thump thump)

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