A Little Boy And A Little Girl

A little boy and a little girl
Ventured out to explore the world
They tapped their feet and danced with joy
The little girl and the little boy

The morning sun brightly shone
As they crept out of their home
What a pleasant day it was going to be
For the little girl and boy to see

They went first swimming in the sea
In the warm blue water carefully
They splashed splattered and had some fun
The boy and girl under the sun

Then they went to a giant zoo
All because the boy wanted to
Though the girl had some other plan
She fulfilled the wish of the little man

It was the afternoon of two
When they finally reached the zoo
There they saw all animals queer
A pink baboon and a golden deer

Then they stopped by some place to eat
The little girl wanted something sweet
This time it was the little boy’s turn
To partake in what the girl had chosen

Post the feast they climbed up a hill
And felt the breezy evening chill
The setting sun gave them a sign
To return home it was about time

Though they lingered around a little more
Eventually they had to reach their door
But not before bidding a sad farewell
To each other and a day spent well

This world has seen countless days
Many people and their varied ways
Yet there passed a day in this world
Forever etched in a boy and a girl

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