When The Summer Sun Above

When the summer sun above
Warned us of a fleeting love
With skin burnt and soul wearied
A fire in my heart I carried
I loved you then

Now a tree has shed her leaves
Instead of tears; she quietly grieves
Some things are meant to be broken
I stand here and watch her unspoken
I love you now

Soon the clouds will turn dark
No more there’ll be a singing lark
When the winter winds come blowin’
I’ll smile at the icy snow well knowin’
I’ll still love you

I loved you then
I love you now
I’ll love you later
I love you for now and for ever


5 thoughts on “When The Summer Sun Above

  1. Another beauty… so lovely constructed, with the repeating but altered last lines in each stanza, and the passing of the seasons in such economy of words… highly relatable… true love lasts forever. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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