Let’s Start

You’ve been always patient
I have been so too
Now we fly together
A ride that’s overdue
Look at all the angels
Swimming in the sky
Close your eyes and listen
The songs that we live by
Save it in your heart
And let us make us a start

Are the doubts in your head
Completely extinguished?
Has the truth been valiant?
A mission accomplished!
Feel the worries leaving
Make way for more joy
My heart’s beating faster
I’m dancing now! Oh boy!
What is in your heart?
Let us make a start

Love the smile on your face
It also gives me one
Talk to me endlessly
Infinitely fun
Feel the signals coming
Across the universe
My soul along with your soul
Will break the sacred curse
Catch it in your heart
Why we’re waiting? Let us start

4 thoughts on “Let’s Start

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