I look up at the stars and think
Are these the masters of my fate?
Do they command the life of men?
Their concealed plan we must await?

Do I hold power over my self?
Over my destiny or act?
Have they predetermined my course?
Bound my will by a contract?

Am I trying to find comfort?
Escape the griefs of this life?
What answers do I give my kids
And my lovely luckless wife?

For she lies bloodied in the yard
A victim of my angry state
And the kids beside her lay
Breathing the end of their fate

O’ stars o’ stars up in the sky
Look what you have made me do
You filled my hands with blazing rage
My tender heart my body too

Now your work is done I guess
Not a single ray of light
You throw to warm their icy skin
In this dark ghastly night

Now tell me what the future holds
For me; where should I go?
Should I surrender myself?
Should I run? I do not know

For no court or law of men
Will hold you guilty for this deed
No fingers pointed at you but
My execution’s guaranteed

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