Yes I Am A Witch

Yes I am a witch
But with no crooked nose
Neither have I a grey cloak
Like everybody knows

I own not a flying broom
To fly me around at night
Neither do I have an appearance
To give young kids a fright

No cat I have as a friend
With eyes of evil true
Neither do I stir a giant pot
Where magic potions brew

What kind of witch am I?
Do I not know my art?
I only have one witch’s trait
I have evil in my heart

4 thoughts on “Yes I Am A Witch

  1. And yet… the Wicca followers of lore were probably the least evil of the populace. Most likely, cries of “Burn the witch” came from narrow minded villagers, covetous and suspicious, lacking tolerance for different life styles and behaviors. Had “Praise the witch” been the theme, perhaps we’d have a vastly different society today, one of innate forbearance and charity. Instead…

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