I Don’t Wanna Write A Poem

When my thoughts keep circling round my head
When I get tired just lying in my bed
When I feel lost with all the things I’ve had
There’s no new pain to show ’em
I don’t wanna write a poem

I stare at the page in front of me
And the blank page keeps staring back at me
While my old pen refuses to write for me
I feel like I don’t know ’em
I don’t wanna write a poem

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I sit and cry
None of the times I have a reason why
All the ideas in my head just die
I’m too lazy to sow ’em
I don’t wanna write a poem

Sometimes I love, sometimes I hate my rhymes
I keep discarding my poems all the time
There should be a law to hang me for this crime
I should never throw ’em
But I don’t wanna write a poem

13 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Write A Poem

  1. Like failing prior to succeeding, the blank sheet won’t always be blank. Words will flow again. What I do, I write about the block as you have done and rest my head for a while.
    It can be a way nature talk to you about rest. A little rest won’t hurt.

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  2. We all hit the writing wall at times, so sympathies.
    Sometimes inspiration wont strike / Sometimes words won’t be prettily aligned / Sometimes the ol’ brain takes a hike / And don’t that do a number on your mind?

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