Love Is That Mother

Love is that mother
Who taught me how to speak
Taught me how to walk, run and jump
Yet never to be weak

Love is that mother
Who read me stories till I slept
Tickled me till I could laugh no more
Wiped my tears when I wept

Love is that mother
Who woke up at midnight
To check my body temperature
When fever gave me a fright

Love is that mother
Who found sorrow in my sorrow
Happiness in my happiness
Promise in my tomorrow

Love is that mother
God’s purest form to see
Fills the gaps in this heartless world
Where God himself cannot be

6 thoughts on “Love Is That Mother

  1. You and I were blessed to have a mother who would inspire this level of poetry and those beautiful descriptions of love. Not all children are so fortunate. Thank you for this tribute to your mom and mine. You need to repost it on Mother’s Day!

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