I’ve Hope In My Heart

Give me a little sunshine over my head
I’m lying sick on my winter bed
I want to move out but my legs are so dead
But I’ve hope in my heart

These empty streets remind me of days
When terror ruled and she had her ways
When Death looked straight at my face
But I’ve hope in my heart

It’s doom it seems from the news I’ve read
Every disaster shows we’re unprepared
I see Nature laugh while humans dread
But I’ve hope in my heart

The end of the world – a mother says
We’ve ran too long without a race
We could be wiped out without a trace
But I’ve hope in my heart

9 thoughts on “I’ve Hope In My Heart

  1. I love the write
    which seems so right

    though my heart feels the pain
    of your mighty pen.

    All we have to do
    is continue to hope, not in doom

    But boom

    of joy in hope
    in the One that never fails
    who sees all our wails

    He’ll surely
    make things right

    My friend
    I stay in hope with you.

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  2. I really love that write Frank, thanks for that. And for all it’s worth… I’ve got hope in my heart too!🖤 It sometimes seems to me that (at least) some of the people calling out the end of the world do it less as a warning ⚠️ and more as a summoning; they’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t happen…😓
    A great write!🙏

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