A Horse Once Made A Forecast

A horse once made a forecast
Said — Tomorrow the world is ending
Turned into an overnight star
As his puny blog began trending

3 thoughts on “A Horse Once Made A Forecast

  1. I think this prompts more questions than the average 23 word poem, such as was it a race horse? If so, did it win any races before its prediction was tested? If so, did anyone bet on that race despite the likelihood of having no time to enjoy their winnings? How many jockeys joined the horse’s doomsday cult? Did the horse enjoy its sudden fame? Did the horse use voice recognition software for its blog? Which company makes voice recognition software for horses? How well do horse languages translate into English? Did the horse have dressage experience that made typing on a horse size keyboard the easiest way to express itself? Did the horse have an excuse ready just in case its end of the world prediction is wrong. Would the horse think anyone who asks such questions thinks too much? Would the horse believe me if I said I have plenty more questions?

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