I Won’t Brush My Teeth Tomorrow

I don’t like waking up
Early in the morning
The sun taps at my window
Without a formal warning
Get up against my will
For a lousy day at school
What new will they teach me?
I’d rather be a fool
Is there an excuse I can borrow?
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

I’ve got a perfect set of teeth
They’re shiny and white
What disaster’s gonna happen
If I don’t brush them right?
How bad could it get?
What curse would befall?
What harm would it cause
If I don’t brush at all?
The routine’s full of sorrow
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

I hate my mom and dad
They buy me a fancy brush
But when I ask for a toy
They’re in no kind of rush
What can I say to them
When they don’t hear a reason
Am I some kinda criminal?
Is this some kinda prison?
I don’t want my toothbrush to glow
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

I think it’s a big old scam
To make one brush everyday
When I would rather spend
That time instead to play
Granny brushed all her life
Yet look where she’s now
She’s got those ugly dentures
That belong on a cow
I can’t wait to have my way once I grow
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

4 thoughts on “I Won’t Brush My Teeth Tomorrow

  1. This is such an hilarious poem, and you know what’s even funnier that in the section of ‘More from WordPress’ the first post was ‘ Why it’s important to go to a dentist.’

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