Ms. Deville

There is no soul filled with evil
More than my teacher — Ms. Deville
She’s big, old and awfully scary
She wants to feast on me and Gary
To keep her nasty plan from foiling
She gives homework; keeps us toiling
Asks us to read books of fiction
Improve our grammar and our diction
If our lunch is filled with cheese
She’ll change it with her green veggies
She expects an answer that’s correct
Well-kept hair and back erect
To laugh in her class is improper
There must be some device to stop her
If there isn’t one I’ll have to create
Send her to Congo or Kuwait
So let me find out what she’s doing
Who she meets and where she’s going

6 thoughts on “Ms. Deville

  1. Brings back many memories. We all have had a “Ms. DeVille”. But here’s a thought. Would you be doing your blog, and would you be as good as you are, had you not had your Ms. Deville?

    Frank, you Always make my Day when I read your post. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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