Johnny Keeps Pulling My Hair

I’ve warned him many times you see
I’ve told him to beware
But Johnny never listens to me
He just keeps pulling my hair

Whether I’m sleeping or wide awake
He catches me unaware
He also never takes a break
He just wants to pull my hair

He knows it frustrates me a lot
He really doesn’t care
All he cares is the fun he’s got
From constantly pulling my hair

I’ve complained to Daddy quite often
He’s taken a beating there
Still his heart doesn’t seem to soften
Argh! He loves to pull my hair

Mommy it is up to you now
Put in his head a scare
Make him stop this thing somehow
I don’t want him pulling my hair

Let his hair grow a little too long
I think it is only fair
Let me grow a little too strong
So that I can pull his hair

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