Just Passing By

A little lonely and a little cold
Not having a warm thing to hold
I’m just passing by
Please step out of my way
Serene scenes sweep up the air
Screeching trains come and disappear
All these catch my eye
But I have nothing to say
Days are days and nights are nights
Days are the same
But nights are different

Spare a thought for the hungry man
Who tries to do the best he can
Excuse me Sir
Can you tell me the fare?
Don’t look up, don’t look straight
Let your Future sleep with Fate
Don’t even look at her
Or even here or there
Days are quiet and nights are bright
Days seem the same
But the nights have all changed

Run me through the guide only
Tell me where to go
All the worries fail to glow
Nothing will matter if you don’t know
Days come and go with the morning sun
Nights stick around for some fun
It’s a little lonely
But I’ve always been so

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