Calm My Soul

I need some faith to walk this way
A little light to shine today
For my heart’s a-beating faster
It’s anxiety I can’t master
Now my hands are feeling colder
Now my skin is getting older
But I intend to get this through with
Break the curse and smash the myth
Tell me which way I should run
Tell me when the running’s done
Is there a strength I need to borrow
To rid my heart of all the sorrow?
Make my legs a little braver
Swing the strong winds in my favour
Only then will I reach my goal
Only then will I calm my soul

7 thoughts on “Calm My Soul

  1. I know all too well how anxiety feels. It’s our body’s way to protect us from potential danger, but how do you live with it when living is inherently dangerous? To live is to take risks and explore new things. We just have to accept that mistakes are a part of our growth and celebrate what we learned each time we take a wrong step. Maybe that’ll help us overcome crippling anxiety. (Also, I accidentally unfollowed you just now; it wasn’t intentionally to ping you.)

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