All Men Are Born With Flaws

Come people, look around you
See what I can see
There’s not a single one of us
Can flawless claim to be

I see a lazy man
Idling his time away
I also see a glutton
Eating night and day

There I see a gambler
Who’s gambled all his life
I also know a friend
Who’s cheating on his wife

Scores of men I see
To whom anger comes too easy
I also see men corrupt
Violent and sleazy

It aches to see a child
Who thinks that lying is fun
It aches more to see another
Handling a gun

It aches to see a teen
Who’s found a friend in drugs
It aches to hear of teens
As criminals and thugs

So many sinners and fraudsters
Everywhere you see
Oh people look around you
Look at you and me

No matter how hard we try
We can’t escape Nature’s claws
Never consider yourself perfect
All men are born with flaws

22 thoughts on “All Men Are Born With Flaws

  1. Hello Frank,

    I found your website because you recently liked my poem, and I feel honored, because I love your writing. Thank you. I wanted to contact you privately to see if I can use parts of your copyright statement on my website .I just started this week, and I learned a lot immediately upon visiting your site.

    Liked by 1 person

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