Rip My Heart Out

Rip my heart out
Break it into two
Burn it, bury it
Do whatever you want to do

Rip my heart out
Stamp it under your feet
Stamp, stamp it hard
Stamp. Stamp. Repeat

Rip my heart out
Feed it to the rats
If any is left over
Give it to the gnats

Rip my heart out
Every moment it lives
Every beat hurts me so
So much pain it gives

Rip my heart out
Ensure that it dies
I will only know peace
When pulseless it lies

14 thoughts on “Rip My Heart Out

  1. All you latest poems are exactly how I am feeling after a recent break up. They always bring tears to my eyes. You are talented. Hope you are well.

    Liked by 1 person

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