Let My Heart Cry A Little Tonight

Let my heart cry a little tonight
Let my eyes be wet
Let my soul emit more light
So I can forget

My heart is still so very young
But it feels so old
Words that flew off from my tongue
Should never have been told

Make my heart more complicate
Then there’ll be nothing new
Like my lungs that suffocate
Coloured in poison-blue

Let my heart cry a little tonight
To help me ease my pain
Hoping the tears of this night
Shall never come back again

16 thoughts on “Let My Heart Cry A Little Tonight

  1. It’s magical how these lines fit together. I find myself wondering, and have to look up common words that suddenly take on more visual meaning. Like the word complicate. Is it good or bad, look it up, it could be a labyrinth. Such a beautiful analogy.

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  2. Ok. I’ll let you do that. Heaven knows that happens…but after a certain point there’s nothing to be gained in that state. Every moment is a gift where we can move closer to goals. Just imagine how good it will feel to figure out another way to bring in income, or make a new dish, or start a new habit like cleaning at night…

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  3. If we’re counting, and I am, and… this is an actual reflection of your frame of mind, then, I believe this must be your sixth heart break in about two years. Boy, you sure do go through women fast. They must be like heroin to you.

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