A Boy I Knew

There was once a boy I knew

And I knew him all too well

There was no better friend than him

Between the gates of heaven and hell

We always cared for one another

If you could see us, you could tell

For we knew each other a lot

And we knew each other well

Our childhoods flew away together

Amongst the green fields and the rain

Without a doubt, we thought out loud

We would never feel the pain

Of a precious friendship lost

Under any stress or strain

For our childhoods were spent together

Amongst the green fields and the rain

As we grew, like they always knew

Life knocked at our doors

It never came to devastate

But exposed our bond to pores

It was the same boat we ferried

But now without our oars

For we grew up way too fast

When life knocked at our doors

Now the swinging slinging days

Are behind us and are gone

All that’s left is the hustle bustle

From dawn to dusk to dawn

Pulled away from happiness

Towards money we’re now drawn

Soon enough the memories will

Be behind us and be gone

I wonder if we have a choice

Well I don’t know it at all

To free and liberate our souls

Or to stand up against the wall

If you could turn back the time

Would you brave and make the call?

For there was a boy I knew

Now I don’t know him at all

15 thoughts on “A Boy I Knew

  1. I really love this piece. For, There once was A girl I knew that Now I don’t know at all. So your lines:

    “For there was a boy I knew
    Now I don’t know him at all”

    Really pulls at my heart strings.
    She used to be my Best Friend. She used to have a head on her shoulders, she even helped me escape a very abusive relationship where I was getting sexually and emotionally abused. Unfortunately, she got to far into the dope game and prostitution. She’s now somebody that I don’t even recognize.

    Thanks for sharing this poem. I absolutely love and relate to it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes, “f [I] could turn back the time

    [I] Would [be] brave and make the call”

    To remain true to my friend

    And show love to him ’til the end.

    Too bad we don’t see

    The need between you and me!

    Liked by 1 person

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