Secret Beauty Tips

Here are some secret beauty tips
Not that you really need it
You are just so beautiful
You still might want to heed it

Lend someone a helping hand
Help someone who is in trouble
Gift a smile to the grieving
Watch that glow grow double

Spend time with a baby
Find a bumblebee on a bud
Hear the skylarks singing
Your heart will pump more blood

Take responsibility for your actions
Accept your defeats with grace
Be humble in your victories
Get a sparkling, jolly face

14 thoughts on “Secret Beauty Tips

  1. Oh My. you are so right. Being Beautiful is not a hard task. we find deep joy and happiness in minute matters of life. Laughing with a baby can lighten your burdened mind a great deal if you pay attention to it. Bravery is deep beauty, expressed in owning your errors, with no denial, and being responsible for them. Awesome. Awesome.

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