When I was a kid

I had balloons

Lots and lots of balloons

I would hold on to the end of their string

Let them transport me away

They would take me to the skies

Over the city’s scrapers

Amongst the cool winds and the birds

I could see everything down below

People marching about like ants

Trucks the size of my toy car

Factories and schools all looked alike

Marvellous things all around

Yet I gazed at the clouds

Those white, fluffy balls

Floating, wandering aimlessly

Just how I wished to be

I would jump from one cloud to another

Like an astronaut on Moon

With my gravity-defying balloons

Hours and hours would jump with me

Till the daylight disappeared

And dark clouds and fatigue took over

Then I would descend

Upon the mundane earth

Into my warm room with a cozy bed

I would sleep on a cloud-like pillow

Smiling, dreaming

Of another fascinating trip the next day

That’s how my childhood passed

But now I’m a grown man

With those balloons still with me

They could still transport me to the skies

I just don’t let them

I’m a grown man now

21 thoughts on “Balloons

  1. Love this…it has brought back many childhood memories drifting into adulthood. The excitement of drifting across the skies into space. This is definitely a teachable moment. Our imagination and dreams can become a reality that can even transport us to the Moon. Dreams do come true. Thanks for sharing 😊🌸

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  2. Beautiful imagery
    When being young we aim for the sky in pursuit to fly and when we grow older, we restrict ourself in our world and never aim for the sky for the fear of fall.
    Give me the permission to reblog it.

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  3. The last line strikes me as ironic, saying the opposite of what you mean. Wordsworth: the Child is the father of the Man. Or anyway, your poem raises a doubt. I really like this for the reason of that honest question.

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  4. It’s amazing how we all still carry those proverbial balloons but we treat them as shackles as we get older. Who knows? Maybe they are. But I do appreciate the simple yet captivating imagery in this poem. Wonderful work as always.

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