Why Must I Be Like This?

Why must I be like this?

There must be a better way

A better person I can be

A better role I can play

Why must I be like this —

Different, unlike and weird?

Some they call me special

But so often I’ve been jeered

Why must I be like this —

Separated from the rest?

All the folks they have much fun

Am I missing life’s best?

I’ve never really envied them

They have their lives and I; mine

They may be happy or whatever

But I am just about fine

I have my friends albeit few

I have my reasons albeit new

I owe nothing to them or you

I’ve had never much to rue

Why must I be like this?

Well, this is the rightful way

A better person I can be

In this very role I play

20 thoughts on “Why Must I Be Like This?

  1. your choices, decisions and ways only befits you. you will remain you and will never become anyone else. But to grow with time and to become more better depends what traits we work on in ourselves.
    loving others in the heart is a secret of happiness 🙂🙂❤

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  2. You are like this because you are destined to create the better way.

    We all share the spirit who knows something is wrong and it’s beginning to rise through all of us.

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