What Good Is The Eternal Sunshine?

What good is the eternal sunshine

Outside my window

When there’s eternal darkness

Following my shadow?

What good is the soulful song

Sung by nightingales

When there are loud noises

Inside my chaotic head?

What good is the mighty God

In the heavens above

When my heart is filled with hatred

Instead of selfless love?

12 thoughts on “What Good Is The Eternal Sunshine?

  1. Beautifully written. And I agree, it sounds as if it comes from a beautiful person. To feel so deeply is such a wonderful and torturous thing at the same time. Keep believing even when things seem upside down because we have to feel the pain to give true meaning to the moments we don’t. And it brings you closer to Him.

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  2. Thank you for what feels like a raw and honest expression. It strikes me that your questions, so well expressed, reveal an insight into the true nature of things that is likely God given. To recognize the darkness of our own hearts and the virtue of selfless love and the import of eternity is three steps down the road that God took me down to bring me to himself. If this is where you are now, I pray that your heart would soon be filled with peace. Take care, and keep writing.

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