My Home, My Paradise

On this road I stand alone

Oh my lord, just carry me home

All my fibers and all my bones

Are yours if you take me home

How much more should I sacrifice?

Lead me Lord to paradise

I’ve brought my truths and no lies

Take me now to paradise

Give me shelter in your dome

Oh my lord just take me home

May my truth and faith suffice

Lead me now to paradise

14 thoughts on “My Home, My Paradise

  1. Hey, I don’t know if you are familiar with Sufi poetry, but I think you should check it out. Based on this poem, I think you would really connect with it. “Islamic Mystical Poetry: Sufi Verse from the Early Mystics to Rumi” (from Penguin Classics) is the collection I have and it is excellent. (I would also recommend reading the introduction as it provides some important historical and thematic context).

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      1. Or “Yesterday”, or “Sugar, sugar”, or… They say it’s all been thought of. I somehow doubt that. Time for some nonsequitors, me thinks.
        Hot kangaroos in heat,
        bouncing while the couple,
        Is such a tricky feat,
        as organs must be supple.

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