Oh these swings are a nasty thing

One moment they get you up

High as the birds in the sky

The next moment you are down

Like the outcast dirt on earth

One moment they make you feel in love

Like nothing could go wrong

The next moment you are feeling sick

When you come crashing down

One moment you are gleefully singing

As the breeze brushes your hair

The very next moment you are exhausted

Your head containing a tornado

One moment you are full of happiness

Happier than the king of the world

The next moment you are struggling

To find a bit of peace and calm

One moment up

One moment down

Up, down, up, down, up, down

Oh these swings are a nasty thing

My simple heart couldn’t take it anymore

20 thoughts on “Swings

  1. To the poet on the pen,
    are your words your own?
    Or do you seek to bend,
    a reader’s thoughts unknown?

    Are your woes heartfelt,
    pulled as threads unbinding?
    Or do they mold and melt,
    your victim’s thoughts declining?

    It’s hard to tell, oh poet,
    if sympathizing miens exposed,
    are yours for us to know it,
    or feints designed, supposed.

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  2. The swings are fine, oh brother of mine,
    For they take you up, from time to time.
    And they bring you down, I suppose,
    But it’s for the best I propose.

    Nothing lasts forever, is true I say
    Marriages do but not the real way
    For I understand, you seek love true
    But the love we know, always leaves us blue

    The real love, comes when the butterflies die
    The real truth, that no one will buy
    So coming down is part of the play
    But going up, is what you want everyday!

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  3. Truthfully everyone has moments in their week when a compilation of things can erk them. Everyone is an emotional elevator. Life happens that way but that’s also what builds us up. No one ever said being a human being came with a manual. Lol. Relationships work the same way but it’s just the matter of IF someone wants to grow along with the ride.

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