Let Love Take Over

You say that it’s not easy

I know you are right

Sometimes we are smiling

Sometimes we just fight

It’s during tests like these

During troubled nights

We should stick together

Till we see the lights

And let love take over

When you a drop a tear

And I’m not by your side

There are gaping cracks that

We just fail to hide

But you know I’ll never leave you

You know it deep inside

After all these years — still

My love hasn’t died

For love’s taken me over

Drop the hesitation

Say what you just feel

And I’ll show my feelings

Baby, it’s a deal

Bring out all your loving

Don’t shy or don’t conceal

Let the world hold witness

To a love that’s true and real

And let love take us over

28 thoughts on “Let Love Take Over

  1. Thanks for this reminder that love is not always butterflies and rainbows. It’s a deep seated desire for another’s good that takes steps to bring about that good no matter what.

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  2. And so it starts the drip, drip, drip of gonorrhea.

    I thought you said we were headed for horror and mayhem.

    It’s Thursday the 13th comin’ up — the REALLY bad things happen on Thursdays. Ah, come on, give us a good beheading or evisceration. Someone fall into a wood chipper. A paper cut? A bruised ego?

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