God, Love and Life (And Wife)

I wandered in search of meaning

Of God and love and life —

Is there a reason why we’re born?

Is there a reason for a wife?

I spoke to wise men and fools

Observed them from near and far

Watched the birth of a child

And the dying of a star

I travelled to varied places

Served as nature’s guest

Saw her at her darkest

And saw her at her best

But I was none the wiser

Trial after trial

So I went and got married

And watched her walk the aisle

Then I got myself a kid

Then another and more

The bigger my family got

The more I was unsure

So I asked all my doubts

To my lovely wife

Asked her if she had any clue

About God and love and life

She looked at me bewildered

Then spoke on with a nod

“Life is about loving

And loving is about God.”

Her answer seemed so simple

I concluded at once

My wife may be a beauty

But she’s a real dunce

23 thoughts on “God, Love and Life (And Wife)

  1. I liked your wife’s response to the meaning of life, however, I believe, we all make life what we choose to make it. I found this poem a light-hearted, even humorous piece reminding us to enjoy what’s right in front of us. 🙂 Give it our own meaning.

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  2. In the end we all have our own definition of what a fulfilling life is. The narrator already has that ‘fulfillment’ in his life but is still wondering about other outcomes that were presented to him. At the end of it all we made certain choices in our lives and we are either alright with them or we learn, change certain aspects, and live a life that is truer to were we want to be. Just like having too much money it never really makes someone happy to ‘have it all.’ If we place ourselves in the most honest place for ourselves then the aspect of everything we want and needed will fall where they need to. The narrator is just reminiscing about the what if’s from years ago. Doesn’t mean he hates or regrets everything. He’s just an older, wiser goof!

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  3. The purpose of Life in the Universe is to differentiate space and time. This is a default function that exists even in the single cell and can only be removed via death. No living thing mistakes duration and location. This explains why the value of experience is the experience itself.

    Space presents in three broad dimensions but as location is a relative phenomenon it breaks down into six relative to a central (or arbitrary) point in the Universe. Length+/-, width +/-, Depth +/-.
    Time breaks down into seven dimensions. Pre-time, beginning, past, present, future, endpoint, post-time. Note the variegation of point and field from our current point of view.
    Add these together and you get 13, the unluckiest number according to long ingrained culture. But if you multiply them….

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      1. Further, the conceptual dimensions of time are suspended between impossibility and inevitability.

        So reality runs on much the same principle as early moving pictures.

        Which would suggest that expressing outside of space/time is both inevitably impossible, and impossibly inevitable.

        Therefore the purpose of cognitive life in the Universe would be to express outside of space/time.

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