You Didn’t Want Me

You wanted my money, honey

You wanted my fame, dame

You wanted everything that I had

But you didn’t want me

You wanted gifts and presents

Every expensive accessory

All the things that cash could buy

But you didn’t want me

You wanted love and care

But never showed any in return

Love could never be unfair

Love was supposed to be fun

Now I look back upon

The time we spent together

Wonder what a fool I

Had been all these years

You wanted everything that I could give

But not everything that I was

You didn’t want me

So I didn’t want you

18 thoughts on “You Didn’t Want Me

  1. Sadly, it takes too long in many cases to see how you’re being used by someone in what was supposed to be a loving relationship. There’s always something to learn from it though.

    Wonderful poem. 🙂

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  2. The feeling of being used is gut wrenching especially when you find out too late. Believe me. My ex was user central. Can only imagine how wealthy people in places like New York City or all of California, really, feel when they see a ‘hot’ girl somewhere thinking “I’ll give it a shot.” Especially fame? Ugh. Notoriety most times means more than money these day with social influencers. It boggles my mind sometimes why people don’t just want a life without needing to be a millionaire or a platform of fame. Just a nice home, enough money for bills and a savings account, a few kiddies, and the joy that comes from it. Straight forward living!

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  3. Wow that’s a realistic and beautiful expression of emotions.
    It’s important that love is spread unconditionally and selflessly, because that’s the “true love” and everything else fades away for being flawed with selfish motives. Supreme love exists in the Almighty, nature and within us.

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