Oh your love

In those fine summer days

How mundane it had felt

And yet today

In these cold winter chills

I miss your love like hell

27 thoughts on “Mundane

  1. Reading this felt like the love you were needing was because the world has turned a blind eye, dismissed you, meaning having even just a bit of love – maybe not the most exciting – would be something to warm you again. But whatever it ultimately meant; I enjoyed it, Frank. 🙂

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  2. Reading your poems is always delightful!
    How I read this one was you were with someone whom you wanted ‘something’ from but never received due to whatever the circumstances and it ended cause it wasn’t progressive to your sensibilities. Is that close?
    You miss the feeling of a partner but not entirely that particular person.

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      1. I don’t know. The way I read it I felt like you were looking back at it and still calling it mundane. Look at this hand where the boil used to be. It was crap but I got used to it being there and for that reason I miss it. That’s how I read it because the title and the description of how love felt seems so nothing to you. I know personally I would feel hurt if someone said my love for them was mundane when I did everything I could to love them.

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          1. True, there are always different ways to read something but I think if you would have just said regret instead of mundane I would have felt the beauty of the piece. I know it’s your work and you can say whatever but I read a book long ago on how to get people to like you and being willing to listen to what you say. It’s all in the words you use and how you use them. If I said you better do this or that you wouldn’t listen and would be resistant to what I have to say. But if there is kindness and a request not a demand then you stand a better shot. Just one word and what it means vs the other changes how I look at it.

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