I lost my happiness

Lost my peace of mind

My appetite, my self-control

All was left behind

My self-respect was shattered

My ego was badly bruised

Innocence had gone missing

I was alone and confused

Darkness surrounded me except

For a little light from above

When I went diving, falling

Into the abyss called love

That light was all I needed

To help me dig a bit further

There I found a treasure chest

Belonging to no other

I opened the dusty treasure chest

And I was glad to find

My missing piece of happiness

My missing peace of mind

I also repaired my self-respect

My ego was at its best

Innocence was also retrieved

With the gems from the chest

Then I came to realise

That this bottomless pit

Is not as bad as it seems

If you do not quit

33 thoughts on “Abyss

  1. Frank, dude, it’s springtime. Time to write about something besides love or love’s loss. Robert Frost and roses, trees, the path lest trod. Lots of physical and philosophical subjects out there to ponder. Stretch your legs a bit. What of grass? Smoked or laid upon during an afternoon nap under the sun — maybe both. What of a melt-water swollen stream? Insects and their awakening? The crocus pushing up through warming soil?

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