When You Used To Sing To Me

Do you remember the time

When you used to sing to me?

How every word pierced my soul?

How every note pulled the strings of my heart?

How your melody lingered on for ever?

Do you remember the time

When I would close my eyes

And drown in your soulful voice?

The days would pass by in humming

The nights would feel so short

Do you remember the time

When you transported me to another land?

Somewhere between space and heaven

Merely with your graceful tone

Do you remember the time

When you made me feel my heart-beats?

How you made my heart sing with you

When we had a loving duet?

Do you remember the time

When you used to sing to me?

22 thoughts on “When You Used To Sing To Me

  1. Thousand likes for this
    I met him only once, in a train , that too 4 yrs ago
    Since then only chats and his infinte brkups
    I cant write about wht a couple feel whn thy see each othr or touch each othr,
    So my poems are all about hypothetical love , full of pain and separation
    Its good tht you can atleast write abt you singing song wd her
    I had a chat wd him yesterday , but i called him in 2016 , bcoz of my family
    Now, i dont love him, and i dont love my family too,
    I dont know where i am heading towards
    I m missing my first love , my poems,
    I want to feel all those things again wd the same innocence bt wd the right man

    Everything tht began also gets end…..same happens wd love….love dies , …i wrote a line in october 2017 abt how i feel wd so much family restrictions and his brkup and cheats…tht it feel like my family passed thousand swords through my body and you , the real villain of my life, pierced a long iron rod into my heart and hanged me in the middle of everythng , where evrythng is so calm tht finally i dont hv to listen my heartbeats, where roads towards every goal is full of my blood and sweat,where i cant reach my ups bcoz of mental torture given by you, and i cant reach my lows because family’s expectations……and tht day my love fr him finally get ends……this is the truth of life, i once tried to ran away frm my house fr him , now i am running away frm him

    If a grl is in love thn she can do anythng fr u, bt whn its get over……thn trust me it is

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  2. Each word in this poem speaks about the undying love and affection people have for each other in a relationship. Singing together is a mark of companionship and synchronicity which is the essence of any loving relationship.

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  3. Oh, yes, I remember the time! And the joy of life with my best friend of 57 years is that we get to keep the song alive …. and remember the singing! And keep on making those melodies and harmonizing. What a blessing! ❤

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