Our Glory Days Of Yore

Send my voice to her

Carry love with it

As the clock goes past four

Say I miss her still

And I always will

Like our glory days of yore

Now the wounds don’t heal

Now the thoughts don’t mend

The clouds refuse to outpour

Many things have changed

Nothing’s ever same

As our glory days of yore

Every night I cry

With her face in my

Broken mind; I implore —

Will I catch some sleep

If I cease to weep

For our glory days of yore?

Fate just took my heart

Far away from me

Across the ocean and shore

Arduous to cope

As I lie in hope

Of our glory days of yore

Someday I will be

With all my love in me

With every thing you adore

Then the clouds will rain

As we dwell again

In our glory days of yore

12 thoughts on “Our Glory Days Of Yore

  1. Let go of your pain, I do implore that your love stands triumphant at my shore. Your songs and your plight rich enough to fuel the wind for her flight. Ululare, eulogise, eurydice, angel wings she flies. Your pain is mine; your paean heals mine.

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