The Ungrateful Girl

I wrote a sweet song
For a girl I loved strong
But she just didn’t like it at all
The very next day
She called me up to say
That we had just hit a wall

But before I could speak
What I wanted to speak
She just hung up the phone
It was hard to forget
How she had loved me once yet
She had me left me now all alone

The wind was quite strong
I had to move on
Get over the ungrateful girl
So I took all of my work
Prayed for a little luck
Showed my poems to the world

I didn’t believe it a bit
My poems were a hit
Publishers kept calling all the time
Money tapped on the door
Fame lay on the floor
Everyone loved to hear my rhymes

Then one sunny day
My girl called up to say
She was sorry for what she had done
She began to weep and cry
And asked for one try
Well I just hung up the phone

38 thoughts on “The Ungrateful Girl

  1. Life exposes Art. There is more to this than appears. Would it not be good to give a third chance. Worthy of an attempt, Right? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Not forgetting all the other seasonal celebrations.

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      1. The ones that have had men write them sweet poems and letters, promised them things that they could not keep. Those dont like to be written about. Because they tire of words. They want proof, action, and reality. Thats the woman worth seeking. And keeping.

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          1. Sorry, couldn’t help but think of this. In my experience, girls like to have things written FOR them on some occasions. But, they don’t usually enjoy it all the time and usually like it to be just for them, not put out in a public space…

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  2. Come on, up out of your puddle of mud. We can still fire shit torpedoes at her without dirtying our hands. Industrial technology and machines can handle the dirty work for us while we strategize the best and most efficient means of memory desecration and obliteration.
    I left a song for you in my sirens page on my blog. I really should link that mother fucker in a post or something. LOL

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    1. Lol, good for u! I hope that part of ur poem was a biography and the publishers were truly calling and it was raining money. It would truly give me hope.
      As a poet, my writings are a part of my soul exposed, the darker side sometimes. So sharing them with even a small audience feels somewhat intimidating. As much as I would love my work published and making money I wonder the price I would have to pay in return. The universe never gives anything away for free.
      I really enjoyed reading ur poem and am so glad u didn’t take the ungrateful girl back. Hopefully u found someone who could appreciate the words that spill out of ur heart…💕

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