Once I Ate Some Spiders

Once I ate some spiders
Just to check their taste
My tongue felt nothing. An
Experiment in waste
They went down in one gulp
I thought it was the end
But I was proved so wrong
By my abdomen
I can feel them crawling
Weaving webs inside
Just no way to stop them
Nowhere to run or hide
I can’t take it anymore
The pain is terrible
Don’t know what they’re doing
But it’s unbearable
Now there’s only one thing
That I need to do
I’ll cut myself wide open
You can have them too

27 thoughts on “Once I Ate Some Spiders

  1. Hi.
    So I read a few of your posts today. I wish I could leave a feedback for all of them. This one made me nostalgic about a really happy time of consuming great writings of similar style. I thank you for making me relive those moments. Please keep writing!

    I also want to thank you for visiting my blog. If you find my writings intriguing you are welcomed there to read, critique and follow – https://svayamwriteson.wordpress.com/

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