The Greatest Human – Part 2

I’m the smartest human
There ever has lived
That’s what my mother tells me
That’s what I’ve always believed
Mathematical equations
Are just a piece of cake
Even those cipher codes
Too hard for you to break
I’ve invented the teleporter
Time travelling machine
So many other devices
That nobody has ever seen
I have got a robot
That does what I want him to do
But I’m yet to make a tool
To measure my own IQ
Yes, I am a genius
I hope I was quite clear
I don’t like to brag
Don’t tell nobody I’m here

27 thoughts on “The Greatest Human – Part 2

  1. Good luck
    Can be

    Stay pliable
    Don’t assume too much
    Always say
    Please and
    Thank you

    These are my tips
    To live in a world this cold
    Don’t think a high IQ
    Will complete you…
    Use your gift
    To better mankind ~
    Make lots of money
    And give the poor a chance…

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  2. Good Morning, my favorite lines would be β€œBut I’m yet to make a tool To measure my own IQ
    Yes, I am a genius”. As a poet I have to say that it is different than what I am used to write surprisingly I like what I am reading. I would like to thank you for liking my latest blog post β€œThe Gift 🎁: Five Hidden Wishes”. It meant so much to me. Have a lovely day 🌺

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