Photographers Have It So Easy

Photographers have it so easy
A picture speaks a thousand words
I’m struggling to get to hundred
So I’ll drop my pen for a camera
Click several fine pictures
And there, my very first novel

44 thoughts on “Photographers Have It So Easy

  1. You have no idea then what it is to photograph. You are referring to people with cell phone cameras. You re probably a person that uses a cell phone and calls yourself a photographer like most do. There is more to it then pressing a button.

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  2. It is the artistic inclination that irons out the wrinkles left upon photographs by poets creating their own magic. I love photography but I love poetry too as it gives me a better expression of my thoughts.

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  3. My father was a photographer and I do not think he would agree. It’s not as easy as people think. Or it wasn’t back when he did. He loved poetry and wish he could write. My father gone is gone for 20 years. I thought that I needed to make that clear.

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  4. Hi Frank I think in this day and age expressing ones self is difficult whether its through image or words if the goal is to have people like or follow you . It seems that the successful writers and photographers are the people who understand themselves well enough to transmit their passion in way that make people curious about their passions. In this age of digital cameras and internet it seems that most people are concerned mainly with saying or producing something that gets people to follow them, instead of truly trying to share those things that one might feel passionate about..

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  5. Haha!
    As an amateur photographer, I can tell you that getting a 100 clear photos is rather difficult – almost as much as writing a 100 words. In fact, writing is easier, I think – at least, you can act when you’re inspired. But, when you need to take photos, you can’t be inspired as easily.

    It could be just me, but yea. 😁

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