A Clown Who Cried In The Alley

On my way I saw a tear
On the barren road so clear
A little ahead there were more
Sorrowful like the one before
Intrigued I was to know whose wail
Had left behind a teary trail
I followed the tears to where they led
With the sunny sun shining overhead
The weather was cheerful bright and gay
Who could be crying on such a beautiful day?
Maybe a mother who has lost her boy
Maybe a girl who has lost her toy
Maybe a bird whose wings are cut
Maybe a man whose heart was hurt
So many thoughts popped in my head
To an alley as I was led
There I saw sitting all alone
The man we call ‘The Funny Bone’
His crying I saw had just no ends
His head was down hid in his hands
I stood there confused thinking what to do
I never knew clowns dropped tears too
Then suddenly my mind did click
Surely it was just another trick

29 thoughts on “A Clown Who Cried In The Alley

  1. Reminds me of Robin Williams. Chris Farley. Phil Hartman. Clowns. Men. Doubting a man’s tears because he smiles and laughs or speaks the truth of his sadness or abuse perpetuates the belief that silence is preferable to truths.

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