My Blue-Eyed Son

Where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
The angels are a-calling
Tell them darling, you’re still not done
The rains are now a-falling
Your home not lays on this barren land
So little here to keep
You from flying. I fail to withstand
Your mother left to weep
God must love you a lot I suppose
Earth’s not for everyone
For the last time, I’ll hold you close
Hold you, my blue-eyed son

56 thoughts on “My Blue-Eyed Son

  1. Lovely piece with great emotional intensity. We must learn to let go of people and things in life, but it is so damn hard… You expressed everything very beautifully, although there is inevitable sadness. Loved it!

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  2. You’ve hit my heart again. Left him 4 years ago to work hundred miles with memories of him still a baby. And with this masterpiece of yours, makes me longed for him terribly. Thank you expressing love. Sending your family hugs.

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  3. This made me cry, I lost my first (a son) in 1986, thank you for sharing it has touched a deep part of my heart. ❤️ As always I enjoyed reading your poem, it is sad but so true for many of us who have loved and lost a child. God gives us the strength and comfort even when we are at our worst!

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