Time Was Supposed To Heal Me

Time was supposed to heal me
But I ain’t done much healing
Love was supposed to fill me
But I ain’t got that feeling
So empty and lonely I feel inside
The dark nights that I sat and cried
Are coming back to haunt me
Chain me with their sadness
Well I suppose they want me
To dive into the madness
The end of the tunnel promises light
I ain’t got left with much of a fight
The road seems unending to me
Strange voices I hear calling
Out from the shadows to me
Getting louder as I start falling
In the depths where they’d steal me
Eventually time will heal me

66 thoughts on “Time Was Supposed To Heal Me

  1. Well, shit, Frank. All this melancholy sentiment. Where’s the bubbly lovey-dovey stuff. This shit makes me sad. Not that I don’t tend to sadness normally. I do; the mournful curmudgeon. But, hell, go fishin’ or sumtin’

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  2. I especially like “In the depths where they’d steal me” for its connotation of being kidnapped against one’s will, what Depression is like to me, a villain who can only get me if It plays dirty.

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  3. I lost my husband 6 years ago (this coming June.) This is what I wrote about tine and healing:
    “That hole, it will never be filled. I wouldn’t want it to. That piece of our hearts that we lost when we lost our loved one is forever reserved for them. They are irreplaceable. Time doesn’t heal. But God does.” ❤️

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  4. I shared this with a friend this morning. “Plan on these moments. They are not the end of the journey. They are the passageway through the tunnel and into the light.”

    “In just a little while, you will feel, see, and know the purpose of what you’re going through. Soon it will become clear.” Melody Beattie.

    The unfortunate part is we don’t know how long ‘a little while’ is, but we do get to the end of that tunnel, and bathed by light once again. Much love. xx

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    1. I think we heal when the pain finally fades, but our scars will always be reminders of the pain. If the wound reopens from the reminders, the pain starts again…

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