I Left The Window Open And Boredom Came In

I left the window open
And boredom came in
I dropped my pen and paper
All that I was writin’
A little while later
She took her leave, was gone
‘Twas far too late now
The damage was done

47 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And Boredom Came In

          1. Well, I get that, but you really have talent. The fact that we all put ourselves out here on WordPress and expose our inner souls shows that you are not giving yourself enough credit. All on its own time, but I do enjoy your work. Thanks for always making me think and brightening my days.

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  1. How is it that you find me, Frank? I’ve leave no door open. I unfollow everyone, and reject all who attempt connection. I’m not complaining, only curious as to how anyone finds my posts with me being so determined to stay hidden, nebulous.

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