The Popping Worries

I kept all the worries in my pocket
But they kept popping out
Like the corns that go a-popping
They kept a-popping about
Before they found another pocket
I hunted them popping in vain
But all the while they kept a-popping
Oh the popping was a pain
The more I tried the more they popped
No stopping to their popping
All the worries out they dropped
All hopping and a-flopping
So I quit the racing, chasing
Found myself some work
All the popping worries figured
They were popping out of luck
The popping worries they kept a-popping
But I didn’t pay no heed
The popping worries’ morale kept dropping
But I didn’t hear no plead
Next day when I checked my pockets
There they were inside
This time there was no popping
All the popping now had died

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